How Basement Remodeling Can Transform Your Fort Collins Basement

Many homes in Fort Collins come with a basement that is unfinished and mostly used for storage or laundry. However, with the right remodeling, this basement can be transformed into a livable space for the whole family.

Designing a room around one item of inspiration can make it unique to the homeowner and creates a strong focal point. For this Old Town Fort Collins basement remodel, the inspiration was a reproduction of Piet Mondrian’s Composition C (No. III) with Signal Red, Yellow and Blue.

Adding Value to Your Home

A lot of homeowners fail to take advantage of a large area in their home, their basement. Instead of leaving it to become a cluttered storage space or the perfect hiding spot for spiders, why not use it as one of your family’s most functional spaces?

Basement remodeling Fort Collins is a great way to add value to your home. It is a project that can be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs. For example, we have designed entire basement remodels around a single piece of inspiration, such as a favorite tile pattern or heirloom piece of furniture. This makes the space truly personal and unique.

Adding Living Space

Many homeowners in Colorado have a large amount of unused space in their homes, such as an unfinished basement. A basement remodel can increase living space and add value to your home. The basement can be used as a bedroom, playroom, home office, or entertainment room.

The first step in the basement remodeling process is to plan what you want your new living space to look like. Depending on your preferences, you can add features like a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. You can also create an entertainment room for family bonding and entertaining guests. The basement can be insulated and air-sealed to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

Adding Storage Space

Adding built-in storage is an easy way to maximize your basement’s potential. This can be especially helpful if you plan to use your basement for multiple purposes, such as a home gym or playroom for the kids.

Sliding doors are a great way to add character and visually separate living spaces without making a room feel cramped or dark. In this Fort Collins basement remodel, a slim divider pulls triple duty to define the lounge area, conceals load-bearing columns, and holds a swivel-mounted television. Designing an entire space around one source of inspiration is a great way to make a design unique to your home. This can include choosing a tile pattern, an heirloom piece of furniture, or even a single color that inspires you.

Adding a Bathroom

Homeowners who want to add a bathroom to their basements can work with professionals to make it happen. This can include framing and installing electrical wirings, as well as drywall and flooring.

Homeowners can also choose to add a laundry room, home office or entertainment space to their finished basement. This will increase their livable square footage and help them create the perfect home for their family.

When it comes to basement remodeling, it is often helpful for homeowners to design their interior around a single inspiration piece, like an artwork or a piece of furniture. This makes the design personal and one-of-a-kind.

Adding a Kitchen

Many homeowners overlook their basements as valuable living space in their homes. They are often dark, gloomy spaces only suitable for long-term storage or laundry. However, a basement remodel can add value to your home and create a comfortable living space for family members.

A kitchen remodel can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. A cosmetic refresh that focuses on repainting and new flooring can be completed in just a few weeks, while a full remodel with layout changes may take several months. A Fort Collins kitchen remodeling expert can help you design a functional and stylish space that suits your lifestyle.

Adding a Bedroom

If you have guests often visiting your house, you may want to consider adding a basement bedroom. This will give your visitors a comfortable “home away from home” feeling.

You can also choose to turn your basement into a game room for the whole family. This could include a pool table, arcade games and more. This would be especially fun if you have children!

A finished basement can add a lot of value to your home. It can be used as a multi media home theater, a relaxing home office, a family room, an additional bedroom and bathroom or even that man cave you’ve always wanted!



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