How an Industrial Dehydrator Can Save You Money and Preserve Nutrients and Flavors

An industrial dehydrator is a commercial food dryer that removes moisture from foods, such as fruits and vegetables. It also helps preserve nutrients and flavors. Dehydrators can help cut down on food waste, and can be used to make a variety of recipes, including soups and smoothies. The best commercial food dehydrators are easy to clean and use, and are made of stainless steel.

The design of this system uses renewable energy from the sun to heat the drying chamber, and it is able to use gas as a backup for times when there is not enough solar energy available. The system also offers the ability to create different operation profiles for specific crops or food samples, and access historical operating data.

A PLC was used to provide the industrial-grade electronic hardware of the system, while a raspberry pi provided the software that runs on the PLC to manage communication with the sensors and actuators in the machine. The PLC can be accessed remotely from a PC, tablet, or smartphone to monitor the dehydrator and make adjustments as needed.

An industrial dehydrator can be a great addition to any restaurant, as it can save money and reduce food waste. It can also extend the shelf life of food by removing moisture, and it can preserve nutrients and flavor better than traditional canning methods. Additionally, it can be used to create homemade dried fruits, herbs, and vegetables that are healthier than store-bought products. industrial dehydrator



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