Hitachi refrigerators is popular for its reliability and quality

or every kitchen solution, Hitachi is the answer. Hitachi is a brand name that is very popular in millions of household for their efficient home appliances and the high standards that they have set in the world of home appliances and other products. Hitachi manufactures refrigerators for every need. Consumers can have a wide choice in refrigerators that are very attractive to look at and very durable as well. Hitachi is popular for its reliability and quality products that ensure you have the best and worth the value.

The latest in the addition of refrigerator is the Big French, which is committed to provide good health to you and your family. The model is just large enough to host a large party and store food that comes in large quantities. It is an ideal cooling system that helps you throw large parties at home. The Big French is found in two elegant colors and features electronic control, minus zero cooling, center divided French doors, tempered glass shelves, wide lamp, quick freezing, no frost and come in four doors for convenience. It is available in 601 liters and costs you around Rs. 92,000 approximately.

Hitachi refrigerators have recognized the different needs of the consumers and therefore focused on the various requirements of the kitchen and the way people love to have food. The 3 door refrigerator is a revolution in the cooling system and has provided a wide space to store food in a very small space. You can choose from the two models that Hitachi has provided namely the R-S37SVND a 438 liters and R-S31SVND a 366 liters which are best if you have a small kitchen and plenty to store. The refrigerators come with 3-way flexible shelf and have jumbo door pockets so that you can store plenty of things in the door as well. The vegetable compartment provides high moisture radiation cooling, slide type drawer, and even bottle corner. The other features are the chill leaking alarm, electronic control and the Nano titanium filter. It will cost around Rs. 52,000 approximately and is available in attractive color. dometic refrigerators



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