Hire a Thailand Elite Agent to Make the Most of Your Time in Thailand

If you are looking to invest in a country with the highest quality of life, Thailand is the place for you. With its many privileges, the country is a haven for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, investors and families. You can enjoy everything from premium healthcare to golf and spa. To help you make the most of your time in Thailand, you can hire a Thai elite agent to take care of all your immigration and lifestyle needs.

A Thai elite agent will handle your application for a Privileged Entry Visa and other administrative procedures on your behalf. This will include opening a bank account and arranging professional services. A concierge service is also available to provide information on local events and activities. Moreover, the agent will assist you in opening a company and in obtaining a driving license.

The visa is valid for five to 20 years and allows you to stay in the country as often as you want. The visa is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals who wish to live in the Land of Smiles and have a good understanding of the culture.

Unlike other long-term visas, the elite visa is easy to obtain and does not require a work permit. You can even apply for a bank account with a local bank. Moreover, you can also purchase property in the country. However, you must ensure that the property is located in a commercial area and has a minimum selling price of 400,000 THB.

While some retirement visa options require health insurance, the Thailand elite visa does not. This means you do not need to pay for expensive insurance each year. Additionally, you can use your visa to access public healthcare at any hospital in the country.

You can choose to have your visa affixed at the Thailand Embassy in your home country or you can arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport or Chiang Mai airport and have your visa arranged by your agent on your behalf. Alternatively, your agent can arrange for the visa to be issued at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

The process of applying for a Thai elite visa involves submitting a soft copy of your passport, an application form, a bank statement or proof of income, and a background check certificate. Upon submission, the agent will process your paperwork and notify the Thailand elite office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Immigration Bureau. Then, the agent will conduct the required immigration and criminal background checks. Once your visa is approved, you will receive a notification from the Thailand elite office and you can proceed to book your flight. When you arrive at the airport, a VIP hostess will greet you and escort you to the fast-track immigration queue. They will then transport you to your destination. Elite members also benefit from airport services, which include limousine* transport and VIP lounge access. Thailand elite agent



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