Highlights – How to Get a Brighter Look

Highlights are a way to brighten up your look by adding lighter strands of color to your hair. This technique works well on all types of base colors and can be done with either a modest or bold effect. Highlights are perfect for fine hair as they can make it appear thicker.

The type of highlighting technique your stylist recommends will depend on your desired end result and upkeep. Foil highlighting is a great option if you want a natural, blending effect that is easy to maintain with regular touch-ups. Balayage is another popular highlighting technique, as it allows for a more sun-kissed appearance and a less frequent need for touch ups.

Both techniques have their pros and cons depending on your hair type, length and texture. For instance, foil highlights work best for those with long hair as it’s easy to keep them looking even and uniform. Balayage, on the other hand, can be a bit more textured as the colour is applied freehand to the head, which can give the hair a more natural, lived-in look.

Whichever highlighting technique you choose, your stylist will take into consideration the undertones of your skin as well as your overall style. A general rule is that warmer skin tones should opt for cooler highlights while vice versa.

While highlighting is a safe and effective way to boost your hair’s volume, it can be damaging to the strands if not used correctly or regularly. Some of the signs of damage can range from dryness and brittleness to split ends and breakage. Taking a few precautions like using heat protecting products and not washing your hair every day can help prevent this from happening. Highlights



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