Happiness Quotes: Get Your Daily Quota Of Happiness In Your Inbox

It’s amazing isn’t it? When you are happy the days just fly by. You never seem to notice that it is raining or that you missed your daily commute to work. Happiness has a way of changing our outlook on life. It makes us take note of the positive side of our existence. So, how can you be happy every day of your life? Get your quota of happiness quotes by subscribing to life changing words from the greatest and most profound thinkers of the world.

To be delighted, joyous and full of positive energy you need to be happy. Happiness is something that springs from our innermost being. We can be happy only when we are satisfied with all aspect of being on this Earth. When we are not satisfied, when we compare our lot with that of those around us and start feeling sorry for ourselves then we become sad, unhappy and dis-satisfied. We feel that we have failed or that we have not lived up to expectation and this vicious cycle continuous.

How to break it? How to get out of such a thought pattern? You will be sucked deep into the cesspool of self-pity which leads to more unhappiness and misery if you don’t break it now.

You have to stop comparing yourself with others because you are not them. You are a unique entity with abilities and talents that are unique to you. How you put them to use will determine your successes in life.

To get out of this kind behavior pattern it is crucial to turn our thoughts to deeper and meaningful quotes. Happiness quotes do this job admirably. They give you words of wisdom to think and ruminate over. When you realize the deeper meanings of the quotes you realize how mistaken you have been. If you live your life according to other terms you will never be happy. You have to live by your own rules and be satisfied with your achievements and accomplishments. smile quotes



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