German Courses London

German courses London
London is a hub for language learning and boasts an amazing array of linguists offering personalised private tuition. You can also find group classes for beginners and advanced students, and intensives that run over a period of just a few weeks.

The rate of private lessons will vary depending on the type of tutor you choose – and their experience. Tutors tend to be either student second language teachers, native or bilingual German expats (who often teach as a secondary source of income) or highly qualified teachers who can deliver high-quality lessons at a competitive price. Tutors generally charge by the hour but will take your level and experience into account.

If you’re interested in a specialised approach to learning the German language then look for a tutor who offers conversational German classes, as this will help with the most important aspect of the language – communicating! You can also find tutors who specialise in teaching business German, which can be hugely beneficial for those who wish to use their new language skills within a professional setting.

Group German classes are great for students and adults who want to learn in a social environment. Groups are usually capped at 15 students and are held in the afternoons and evenings to accommodate busy schedules. They’re a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the language and make new friends at the same time! You can also find a range of intensive courses from the Goethe-Institut that run over just a few weeks for those who want to quickly learn conversational German. German courses London



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