Funko Hollywood Opens in Hollywood, California

If you have a little bit of a pop culture junkie in you, then chances are you’re familiar with the funko figurines. These adorable bobbleheads are based on characters and worlds from your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, sports teams and more. The company that put the “Pop!” in pop culture has now journeyed to Hollywood, announcing their second brick and mortar store. The Funko Hollywood location is self-described as a land of “whimsy, adventure, fun, larger-than-life photo opportunities and immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds, characters and moments.”

The new headquarters for the company on Wetmore Avenue is part museum, part theme park and part retail store. The space is divided into sections based on licensing themes (there are areas for Star Wars, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter and DC Comics) and also has an area where you can make your own pop figure.

To create a more immersive experience, the team at the Funko Hollywood store partnered with Electrosonic to design, install and commission multiple LED displays using both Nanolumens and Unilumin technology. The project included a 12 feet diameter hanging halo display, two half column wrap displays and a large marquee display above the point of sale.

The store is located on Hollywood Boulevard about a mile east of the Chinese Theater. It’s free to enter and there’s a lot of photo ops to get those selfies with your fave merch. If you’re looking for rare or unusual pops, you might have to hunt a bit, but it’s still worth checking out. funko store



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