Ford Bronco Hard Tire Cover

The Bronco was the first SUV, or sport-utility vehicle, and continues to enjoy a cult-like following. Its sturdy construction, V8 power, and good maneuverability ensure its enduring popularity.

In 1975, Ford added gas tank doors and catalytic converters to meet new emissions requirements. This was also the last year for the T-handle transfer case shifter.

Bead-Welt Seam

Our tire covers are custom tailored with a Bead-Welt seam to reinforce their design and structure for added strength. This durable welded seam is also rustproof to ensure long-lasting durability. This unique feature helps prevent damage caused by rust, and it creates a seamless appearance for your spare tire cover.

Embroidered with an Iowa Hawkeyes logo, this hard tire cover is the perfect way to show your team pride. It features a Bead-Welt Seam to add strength and an all-over commercial white vinyl finish. The beaded seam also makes the tire cover easy to clean and helps protect against wear and tear. Our tire covers include a corrosion-free Master Lock to help protect your valuable backup camera from theft.

The present invention relates to beaded mock welting, particularly of the McKay type, adapted for use with footwear of the McKay style of construction and especially designed so that the bead will be automatically forced against the shoe upper by the normal pressure of the foot in the finished shoe. The bead portion of the welt comprises a tapered stitch-receiving body portion and a seam-filling bead portion formed substantially at right angles to said body portion. The convex exterior surface of the bead portion merges with the top of the body portion to form an inturned ridge, and the lower end of the bead portion de-pants slightly below the bottom of the body portion to provide a leverage rbto force said inturned ridge in pressured contact with the upper of the shoe to which the beaded mock welt is attached.

Master Lock

In case you run into a tire blowout or puncture, having a spare is one of the best tips that experienced off-roaders give. Spare tires can save the day by getting you back on the trail in a timely manner. To make sure that your spare is easily accessible, consider covering it with a hard tire cover. This way, it will be protected from dust, dirt, flying trail debris, and inclement weather.

This product features a durable marine-grade thread and tough vinyl fabric. Its solid stainless-steel shackle provides resistance to cutting and sawing. It also has a 4-pin cylinder that prevents picking and dual locking levers that provide protection against prying. It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can be confident that this product is made to last.

The manufacturer, Master Lock, founded in 1921, has a rich history of innovation. Its founder, Henry Soref, instituted innovative styles and policies to increase production and improve morale. The company eschewed time clocks and instead relied on an honor system for its mostly female workforce. By the mid-twentieth century, the company was one of the largest employers in the Metcalfe Park area of Milwaukee.

Despite outsourcing its manufacturing in the 1990s, the company remained committed to American jobs. Its 120,000-square foot world headquarters in Oak Creek includes state-of-the-art industrial design, engineering, and prototyping labs to attract top talent. In 2012, President Obama praised the company for its commitment to returning manufacturing to the United States in both his State of the Union address and his visit to the Milwaukee plant.

Live Interactive Design Studio

The design process for a custom tire cover is a lot more fun than you might think. Our expert designers will work with you to create a tire cover that not only protects your spare but also shows off your style. You can select the vinyl color, add text and even change the background for a totally unique look.

Then once your design is perfect you’ll get a chance to see what it will actually look like on your Jeep. That way you can be confident that your new tire cover will fit perfectly. It’s just one more way that we go the extra mile to give our customers a great experience.

You can even choose from one of our ready-to-go designs if you don’t feel like spending time on the design process. Simply click the button on our website that says “Customize”.

With this feature, you’ll be able to pick from our collection of eye-catching designs and upload your own text or artwork. After that, we’ll take care of the rest and make sure your new Ford Bronco hard tire cover is exactly how you want it to be. For an added layer of security, we’ve included a quality coated cable and Master lock to prevent thieves from stealing your new tire cover. This makes our tire covers the most secure and best-looking on the market.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl

The Ford Bronco is a rugged off-road SUV that was designed to take on the challenges of the roughest terrain. It’s one of The Blue Oval’s most popular vehicles and is often compared to the Jeep Wrangler. But the Bronco isn’t a one-trick pony, as it can also conquer treacherous mountain passes with ease. It’s no wonder why many off-roaders consider the Bronco a better vehicle than the Wrangler.

If you’re planning on taking your Bronco on some serious off-road adventures, you need to make sure it’s equipped with a sturdy spare tire cover. MasterTop’s heavy-duty tire covers are made from high-quality vinyl and are custom fit for your Bronco. They are backed by our three-year limited warranty and are built to withstand even the toughest of off-road driving conditions.

You can choose from a wide variety of design options and personalize your tire cover to match the rest of your Ford Bronco’s aesthetic. For instance, you can opt for a bald eagle design to display your patriotic pride. Or, if you’re a dog lover, you can go with an eye-catching dog print tire cover design.

The unique thing about this tire cover is that it has a hinge on the outside of the rim, which makes it easy to remove your spare tire from the vehicle without having to lift the entire cover off the wheel. It’s a great feature that makes it easier to access your spare tire and saves you time.



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