Fire Cleanup – What You Need to Know

Getting back to normal after a fire is a long and tedious process. It takes time to get the home and property clean, repaired, and sanitized. During this process, many things can go wrong if homeowners are not prepared.

One of the most important parts of fire cleanup is securing the property from the elements. This includes boarding up windows and doors, covering roof holes, and placing tarps on the ground to keep rain out of any water damaged areas that need to be restored. It is also crucial to take inventory of items in the home and remove anything that was burned beyond repair or that has a strong odor. This can be very difficult, but it is essential to do so for the safety and health of occupants.

Once the boarding is complete, the fire restoration team can start cleaning. They will start with removing any soot from all surfaces of the home, including walls and ceilings. The team will use commercial soot cleaners and water, or they may also choose to use a degreaser like Trisodium Phosphate (TSP).

The next step is to wash all porous surfaces. This includes carpet, rugs, mattresses, and clothing. Using a scented neutralizer is often successful in eliminating bad smells. Lastly, the restoration team will sanitize all salvageable items and rooms to make them safe to live in again. This includes scrubbing and cleaning furniture, electronics, bath and kitchen fixtures, clothing, and more. fire cleanup



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