Finding the Best Curly Hairdresser Melbourne

If you have curly hair, finding the right salon is a mission. Whether you’re seeking a Deva cut, expert styling tips or a colour correction that will lighten your old hair without making your curls look fried, finding the best curly hairdresser melbourne takes some research. But that’s not to say it isn’t possible. With the right knowledge and technique, there are a handful of highly regarded specialists that offer tailored, individually supportive services to clients with all kinds of textured locks.

Neel Loves Curls
If there’s an expert for wavy and curly hair, it’s Neel Morley. The Melbourne-based stylist is the original DevaCurl expert in Australia and has since travelled to the US for further training in the method, which he’s now bringing to his salon with the goal of bettering the local industry. His clients – or ‘curlfriends’ as he calls them – can walk in with kinks and coils that look more Dulux dog than Renaissance painting, and leave with envy-inducing ringlets.

Hermiz at Joey Scandizzo Salon
One of the most well-regarded and experienced hairdressers for wavy and curly hair, Hermiz at the Joey Scandizzo salon has perfected the art of understanding textured locks over 30 years in the biz. He’ll give you a precise haircut that takes your face shape, lifestyle and future follicle plans into account, while educating you on the best way to keep your curls looking good between salon visits. Book in with him through Fresha to enjoy a relaxed, personalised experience that’s sure to have your curls smiling from the inside out. best curly hairdresser melbourne



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