Finding a Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne

When it comes to hair, Melbourne is full of style-savvy folks – just take a stroll through the city and you’ll see curled bobs, razored mullets, and wispy bangs in abundance. But if you have a head of curls and are looking to shake up your look, finding a skilled stylist isn’t always easy.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people with curly hair to spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling, only to end up frustrated and disappointed. And that’s because most haircutters don’t offer the necessary skills to work with curls, or prioritize social media styling and product sales over effective haircutting.A true curly hair specialist has well-honed principles that support exceptional results. Among them are effective communication and thorough consultations, the goal of which is to get to know a client’s unique hair texture and challenges, rather than force their own creative bias. They also have specialised training in curly hair cut techniques.If you’re after a customised, dry cut without a single hair being touched by a comb, look no further than a visit to Jill at Rebel Curls in Fitzroy. As the name suggests, this salon specialises in empowering women and young girls with curly hair to embrace their natural beauty. It offers a range of services including deep conditioning, education and treatments, as well as colouring. It also stocks a selection of curly girl friendly Everescents and Jessicurl products for after-care, which clients can use to refresh their tresses between salon visits.curly hairdresser Melbourne



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