Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves are suitable for flammable and explosive gas, liquid, or dust and other medium control and regulation. It has the features of small size, lightweight, safe performance and simple operation and connection. It is mainly composed of an explosion-proof electric actuator and a ball valve. The explosion-proof electric actuator uses special electrical components and cables that are different from ordinary ones to ensure the circuit does not produce sparks in a real explosion environment. It can input a 4 to 20mA signal for proportional regulation. It also has internal servo operation, opening signal position feedback, position indication and manual operation.

This explosion proof valve is made with stainless steel balls and a hardened seat that allows it to resist wear. As the seats are worn, the inner ball moves forward into the down stream seat, which creates a tight seal and maintains the pressure of the flow. This prevents combustible dust from entering the piping system and causing an explosion.

The explosion-proof flanged ball valve can be either threaded or flange end. The flanged end ball valve is designed to connect to the piping system using flanges that are built according to specific standards. The flange end ball valve has two or three ports and can be rated up to high pressures.

The COVNA explosion-proof electric actuator can be connected to a flanged or threaded explosion-proof ball valve to provide remote control, visual valve position indication, and manual operation. It can be powered by an AC power supply, DC power, or compressed air and is equipped with a limit switch for safety and protection. It can also be directly mounted to the flanged valve to save space.



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