Electronic Analytical Balance Price

Weighing precision down to the last milligram is critical in many lab applications. An electronic analytical balance (also known as an analytical lab scale) is a high-precision weighing instrument that provides highly accurate results and detects very small increments in sample mass. This level of sensitivity is essential in quality control and scientific research settings, where minuscule variations can have significant effects.

Mettler Toledo XPR Excellence series analytical electronic balances offer the right mix of functionality and performance for your lab. Intelligent features, such as StaticDetect and the patented ionizing module help you avoid costly mistakes and maintain data integrity. In addition, LevelControl and StatusLight ensure that all weighing conditions are satisfied before the display of results, giving you confidence in your data. The XPR Excellence series also offers optional modules that can be added to your balance, such as the powder and liquid dosing system that automates your weighing process. This not only eliminates the need to handle weighing containers, but reduces weighing errors and improves your productivity.

In order to achieve the best weighing results, all electronic analytical lab balances should be placed in dedicated areas free from any disturbances and vibrations. These sensitive weighing instruments should be stored in their original packaging, since any movement can affect the internal motorized calibration.

The MS-TS (touch screen) series from Mettler Toledo takes the company’s MS line of analytical electronic balances to the next level with large, optimized TFT color touch screens that can be operated with lab gloves. Featuring the MonoBloc weighing cell and ProFACT automatic internal adjustment, these entry-level models are built to perform and built to last with rigid die-cast housings that improve stability and abrasion resistance. In addition, the touchscreen interface includes a handy MinWeigh function that keeps a weight reading red until it reaches its pre-programmed minimum weight value, and a convenient built-in leveling guide. electronic analytical balance price



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