Different Types of Ladies Bags You Can Choose From

Ladies bags are one of the most important accessories women use all around the world. Whether you are going to office, college or to hang out with friends, you need to choose the right type of bag that matches well with your style, attire and occasion.

Let us have a quick look at different styles of ladies bags:.

Hobo Handbags

Hobo bags are a popular variety of bags used by a huge majority of women. These are crescent shaped bags with long straps that you can hang over your shoulders. As they are quite large in size, they can accommodate a good number of things inside. Hobo handbags made of leather are gaining huge popularity amongst the younger generation these days. These bags are stylish, but expensive. Floral designs on these bags are in vogue.

Tote Handbags

This is a stylish and chic variety of handbags used by women. These are large in size and can accommodate many heavy items inside, including makeup items, books etc. They can be made of different materials, including canvas, leather and nylon.


Famous amongst celebrities and bridal accessories, these purses are elongated in size without any handles. However, some of them may contain stylish chains. Designer clutches are very popular, but expensive. They are also called evening bags, as they are perfect to be carried at formal evening parties.


These bags have long straps and are usually worn across the body in a diagonal way. These are usually used by college students to carry books and other such items. They are easy to carry, as your hands are free to do your activities. They can also be carried to a picnic. Both fabric and leather collections are available for satchels. Satchels are famous amongst journalists too.

Baguette Bags

These bags are small in size, and serve as a wallet, similar to a clutch. It may have a strap to facilitate holding. These are small, rectangular and narrow and resemble a loaf of bread.

Duffel Bags

These bags are huge in size and have large compartments. They are perfect if you need to carry clothes or other belongings with you for a journey or a small trip. Available with wheels too, duffel bags are easy to carry.

Field Bags

These ladies bags are quite popular in the battlefields. These bags can be made of leather or fabric, and can be used by females with tomboyish personality.

Messenger Bags

These bags were traditionally used by postmen. The rope sling is looped in your chest so that it does not fall, even if you are riding or racing. They can be medium to large in size, and are usually made of strong fabrics. These ladies bags are easy to use and carry. These bags are now not in vogue.

In addition to the above types of ladies bags, there are several other types of bags including pouches, Kelly bags, barrel bags, bucket bags, bowling bag purses, saddle purses, trapezoids and muffs. Choose the one according to your personality, and make a style statement for yourself. MK bag sale in uk



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