Custom Grip Socks

Whether you want to help your customers find balance on the yoga mat or keep them comfortable during sports, our high-quality custom grip socks can make a real difference. Designed using your brand guidelines, the socks feature a high detail woven logo. Adding your logo to these performance socks makes them an ideal product to sell at your trampoline park as well as an effective marketing tool.

Grip socks are an innovation in sports clothing – a product which was a rarity a decade ago. They are a non-slip, anti-sliding sock which provides additional grip to the feet whilst wearing shoes. This helps prevent friction and slipping which can lead to blisters, which in turn can significantly affect player’s performance. The socks are usually made from breathable material which keeps the foot soft and comfortable during a game. They are also thick and have rubber pads and traction which provide added support.

Research shows that the amount of friction between the sock-shoe interface is crucial to achieving optimal athlete performance. Studies have shown that a small increase in the frictional properties of the sock-shoe interface can reduce the time it takes to decelerate or change direction. Grip socks may therefore enhance agility and speed while providing increased comfort compared to wearing bare feet.

In addition to being used for team sport, grip socks are also commonly worn by individuals participating in physical activity on hard floors. These activities include yoga, pilates, barre and dance classes. The toe-splitted design of grip socks with the addition of rubber traction can improve balance and make it easier to stay on the floor during these types of exercises. custom grip socks



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