Curly Hair Specialist Melbourne

Anyone with wavy, curly or textured hair knows that the right haircut is key for managing their natural movement. But finding a hairdresser that specialises in curls isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best curly hair specialist melbourne to keep your curls looking fresh, and to help you style them at home with confidence.

New Zealand native Tina Mudd is a curly hair specialist with well-honed principles that support her exceptional results. She is a true believer that every client has their own unique texture, challenges and lifestyle. She is quick to point out that a great cut starts with effective communication and a thorough consultation. Her salon on Prahran’s Greville Street is low-key despite her cult following, but word of mouth keeps the doors open.

At Maiden Hair, Danika’s mission is all about educating her clients to love their curls. She believes in a balanced approach to styling, which includes education on keeping your locks really hydrated, using the right products and creating an at-home routine to suit your individual needs. She stocks Curly Girl approved products and offers a dry cutting service, which can make all the difference for curly hair.

Neel Morley is Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks and loops, which is why his Fitzroy salon has a name that speaks for itself. He lives, breathes and loves curls and his whole salon ethos is designed to pay them their due respect. His clientele (or ‘curlfriends’ as he calls them) could come in with a Dulux dog and glide out looking like Renaissance painting. curly hair specialist melbourne



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