Choosing a Tiled Conservatory Roof

When it comes to choosing a tiled conservatory roof, it really does come down to your needs and personal preferences. Glass roofs are loved for their ability to flood your space with natural light, polycarbonate is a great budget-friendly option and tiles offer superior insulation and a more traditional aesthetic. Ultimately, it is a matter of choosing the style that will help you use your conservatory, as well as add to your property value.

A solid roof topped with real or synthetic (imitating slate or ceramic) tiles will not only give your home a truly unique look, it will also dramatically improve the thermal performance of your conservatory. This means you can enjoy your new living space all year round without experiencing those extreme seasonal changes in temperature, glare from the sun or noise from rain falling on the roof.

As a result of recent changes in regulations, it is now possible to have a solid roof fitted to an existing conservatory. This is because most of these new solid roofs are manufactured using lightweight materials rather than real tiles or slates so the existing structure can easily support the weight. In addition, these materials are available in a wide range of colours to match or contrast with your existing home.

Our Equinox tiled conservatory roof system is made of composite tiles that are a perfect match for black, brown or terracotta and can be manufactured to fit your existing structure and even to match your current roof tiles. This will ensure that your new conservatory will look as if it has always been there, and it will increase the overall kerb appeal of your property. tiled conservatory roof



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