Choose a Baby Girl Name With a Resilient Meaning

When looking for a baby girl name, consider one with a resilient meaning. Many cultures have bestowed names to their daughters that signify power and strength. You can help your daughter embrace her strength by naming her after a strong woman from history or a figure from the natural world.

From a classic to a contemporary, there are many baby girl names with a resilient meaning. Olivia climbed the charts in 2001, two years after Mariska Hargitay debuted as Olivia Benson on NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Since then it has never left the top 10. Selah has reemerged as a popular choice among parents with its Hebrew origin and meaning praise or pause. The name ranked 386th in 2021.

A modern trend in feminine names includes coveted -lyn suffixes, such as Addison and Caitlyn. Another option is Halle, a two-syllable name with Latin roots that means clear and bright. This name could be inspired by the actress Halle Berry or could be a nod to Olympic athlete Simone Biles.

Nora was in the top 1,000 from 1988 to 1999, but it dropped out of the rankings in 2000. Then the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” starring Piper Perabo introduced her character Nora Lum to the world. From there it jumped more than 60 spots, putting it in the top 100. Similarly, Mila entered the rankings in 2006, the same year that “That ’70s Show” graduated Mila Kunis. It climbed the charts to the 14th spot in 2018.



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