Billi Taps – The Latest Technology For Instant Boiling and Chilled Water

Founded in Melbourne and known worldwide, billi taps offer the latest technology for instant boiling and chilled filtered water. These stylish and energy efficient drinking water systems are a great alternative to kettles and are a perfect addition to any kitchen upgrade. With a wide range of styles, finishes and designs, there is a Billi system to suit everyone.

Designed to be energy efficient, Billi offers the best filtered ambient water taps with space efficiency and great water quality at the heart of its design. They also feature patented technology, recovering waste heat energy from chilling and using it to preheat the boiling water, which reduces energy use. This is one of the reasons why a Billi system is much more environmentally friendly than a traditional water cooler or kettle.

Offering a combination of instant boiling and chilled filtered water, these taps are perfect for workspaces of 60+ users and can dispense between 15-50 litres of cold water per hour. They’re also easy to use with no hidden buttons and operate in a similar way to a regular kitchen tap, meaning your team won’t get confused! Plus, they are water-cooled, so you don’t have to install unsightly ventilation grilles in your cupboards.

For the ultimate water experience, consider a sparkling Billi system. With adjustable controls, you can dispense chilled and sparkling filtered water instantly with just the turn of a lever. These taps are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit every taste, whilst delivering the perfect fizz.



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