Best Rug Pads For Runners

Runners are usually used in hallways and hallways usually get a lot of traffic. Being one of the most used rugs in a home, runners need a quality rug pad to prolong their life as well as keep from slipping. Although there are several non slip pads that can stop the runner from moving, not all perform as best as they should.

Let us talk about the waffle looking rug pads available. There are three types. The first is usually a nylon or plastic that has a spray on it to create a non slip function. The major problem here is that the spray will eventually wear off onto the rug and/or the floor. The other type of thinner pad is an actual solid rubber pad. This is safe for many floors and rugs and has been known to last. It is important to make sure the product is an actual solid layer of rubber and not a sprayed latex rubber. Lastly, there is another thin non slip pad that is an organic polymer. This type of pad is safe for floors and rugs and usually lasts longer than we care about.

On another level of pads, there is one that is made of recycled jute and solid rubber. This non slip runner rug pad is excellent for a few reasons. First, since it is 1/4 of an inch extremely dense compressed material, it will resist traffic and keep your rug from feeling the stress. Unlike the thinner waffle like pads, this pad will not mat down over time and wear out. Another important aspect of this pad is that the backing is rubber, which prevents the slipping. As I always warn, make sure it is a real layer of rubber and not a spray latex that has become popular these days. Again, the spray will break down and mark your floors sooner or later.

Now, the question: Should you consider the thinner, waffle like runner pad or this jute and rubber combination pad? The answer is based on one main element. If the 1/4 of an inch height does not pose any problems with any doors opening up over the rug and pad, then your best choice in a runner rug pad is the jute and rubber combination. This is a much more substantial pad than the others and not only feels good to walk on but it helps the runner resist wear much better. The waffle like runner pads are fine yet since they have a little bit of spongy consistency, after much use they may flatten and not work as well. vintage persian rugs



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